Akai Ito (DVD)


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Product Title : Akai Ito (DVD)

Also known as : 赤い糸

Artist Name : Minamisawa Nao | Mizobata Junpei | Kimura Ryo

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : Indonesian

Episode : 11

Other Information : 2 Disc

Genre : (romance) (human drama)

Director: Murakami Shosuke (村上正典) (ep1-4,8-9,11), Kawamura Yasuhiro (川村泰祐) (ep5-7,10)

Screenwriters: Hanzawa Ritsuko (半澤律子) (ep1-2), Watanabe Chiho (渡辺千穂) (ep3-11)



The story was one of the best-selling novels of 2007, it revolves around the "red thread of fate" connecting the young pair Mei and Atsushi and the trials they face.

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