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konfirm #5785

fung"...dvdna dh mpe ney.. thnx yaa^^.. next pasti aq order lagi.. ;-)

order dah sampe

thanks bgt dvdnya dah sampe kemaren... kpan" gw order lgi..

Paket sudah diterima

Thanks ya Gan, paketnya sudah ane terima. Diupdate dong film Jepang-nya plus stoknya. Can't wait another movie ^____^

Barang dah diterima

terjawab sudah kok status prosesnya ampe 3 hari ternyata ada yg habis stock.biar ada refund. tapi barang yg datang ok smua.sip dah tunggu orderku...

thanks ya Fung...

gw dah trima dvd plus uang nya krn dvd pesenan gw kosong, tunggu order gw berikutnya yaaaa...

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Crows Zero Revolution : The Total Number Of 3000 Juvenile (DVD)


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Product Title : Crows Zero Revolution : The Total Number Of 3000 Juvenile  (DVD)

Also known as : Furyou shounen: 3,000-nin no atama

Artist Name : Saitoh Takumi | Akiyoshi Kumiko | Sudo Atsuko

Language : Japanese

Subtitles : Indonesian

Year : 2012

Country : Japan

Other Information : 1 Disc

Genre : (drama)

Running Time : 74 min

Director : Keiji Miyano



The movie is based on an autobiographical book titled “Tokyo Furyou Shounen Densetsu.” The book was written by Endo Natsuki, who was once affiliated with the biker team and band COOLS that was formed in the 1970s by Tachi Hiroshi (61) and Iwaki Koichi (60).
The story for the film takes place at a technical high school in the 1970s, where it is said that half of the school’s 3,000 students are juvenile delinquents. Saito plays a student named Sendo, who is aiming to be number one out of all of them. Naturally, the movie will incorporate a lot of action scenes as he brawls his way to the top.

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