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puas !!

brg sudah diterima , thx ya ,, pelayananny memuaskan :)

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Dvd psnan saya sdh smp. Saya sdh 3x psn, yg kali ini prosesnya lbh cepat + dpt bonus jg. Psnan saya tidak lengkap, tp uangnya sdh dikembalikan tunai...

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Hi.. HI.. Ce FungFung aku udeh terima Pesanan aku, Senengnya ada semua judul yang aku mau :). Thank you juga buat bonusnya hehehe, keep fighting!!!

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paket sudah sampai

annyeong paket (no order: 13790) sudah sampai kmarin,,,wah seneng dh blanja disini,,^_^ kamsahamnida

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Fall In Love With You Before Sunset (DVD)


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Product Title : Fall In Love With You Before Sunset (DVD)

Also known as : 日落之前愛上你

Artist Name : Vivian Hsu | Blue Kan | Waong Yat Fei | Kou Zhen Hai

Language : Chinese

Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese

Episode : 25

Other Information : 5 Disc

Genre : (romance)



Orphaned girl Keyun (Cao Ying) visits Hainan to find the father she has never met, and decides to stay with him at the inn he operates. Meanwhile, Sining (Blue Lan) has got what most men envy: he is handsome, talented, born in a rich family, and has a successful career and a beautiful girlfriend. But he still isn't happy, yet he doesn't know what it is that he wants. So he goes on a vacation in Hainan alone to readjust himself, but, alas, as soon as he hops off the plane his luggage is stolen. This poor guy ends up at the seaside with nowhere to go, and in frustration he hurls an empty soda can into the sea, which gets him a big telling-off from the environmentalist Keyun - thus begins the tragic-comic love story of our protagonists.

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